2024 Virtual Math Summit by Build Math Minds

I am so honored to be a presenter in this year’s summit Virtual Math Summit. Check out my session on Dyscalculia and MLD: Math Assessments and Effective Instruction for All, airing live on Saturday, February 24. Session recordings are available for free until March 4, 2024. Then download the resources below!

Download a PDF of selected slides from the presentation: Dyscalculia and MLD: Math Assessments and Effective Instruction for ALL

Download Slides

These dot cards are a great way to build on our innate subitizing ability and develop number understanding for 1-10. Have kids learn to identify the numbers, then use them to teach making 5 and making 10, as well as building teen numbers. You can also print 2 sets to practice doubling numbers! Then connect these concepts to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Download the Dot Cards and an accompanying guide below for free! Or buy sets of the Dot Cards and Playing Cards at www.lordmath.com/shop

Are you interested in learning more about the science of math, dyscalculia, MLD, assessments, and effective math instruction for ALL students?

Decoding Math: Unpacking Dyscalculia, the Science of Math, and Effective Math Instruction is a comprehensive online, self-paced course designed to make this training accessible to everyone. The full course consists of 10 modules with 30 hours of content that is fully asynchronous and self-paced.

Learn about effective instructional approaches for developing number sense, teaching addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, word problems, and fractions, as well as math assessments, interventions, and IEPs. It is the best of everything I have learned as a dual K-8 math/special educator and coach for the past 10+ years!

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