FREE Webinar: The Secrets to Teaching Math Facts

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One of the most common questions that teachers and parents have is how to help students learn math facts. Watch this free webinar (recorded August 2021) where we take a deeper dive into the neuroscience of math and discover where our current instructional approaches are misaligned with how our brains process numbers. Then be introduced to more effective methods for teaching math, developing number sense, and learning math facts!

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Introducing Cuisenaire Rods

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Cuisenaire rods can be intimidating at first since there are no notches marking ones and therefore no way to just know what number each represents. But once you become familiar with them, you realize that is their power! Cuisenaire are amazing tools for developing a whole variety of math concepts and skills, and kids love working with them. Watch this video where I introduce the use of Cuisenaire rods, then give them a try with your students.

Cuisenaire rods can be purchased at sites like Hand2Mind and Amazon

I like this individual set – Since each set only has 4 of each of the larger rods, for students working on multiplication I recommend getting at least 2 sets.

Teaching with Cluster Cards

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Cluster Cards are an effective tool developed by Mahesh Sharma to help students visualize the “clusters” of numbers by breaking them into parts that can be subitized. In this video series I introduce Cluster Cards and demonstrate how they can be used to teach the decomposition and recomposition of numbers 1-10, leading to an internalized visualization of each number arrangement.

Cluster Cards can be purchased by emailing Mahesh Sharma