Hi! I’m Becky and I’m so glad you’re here. My work and my joy is helping teachers, school leaders, and parents to support children in learning math in a way that aligns with the emerging neuroscience on how our brains understand numbers. My big dream is that everyone will feel like confident, capable learners of mathematics, able to apply numeracy in their daily lives with ease, and yes – joy! 

After 10+ years of working in the fields of math and special education, attending countless trainings, teaching students with dyscalculia, and diving deep into the research around the neuroscience of math, it is my belief that the reason so many people are struggling with math is because the traditional methods we have used to teach it are out of alignment with how the brain actually processes number. Therefore, instruction is only accessible to those who have the cognitive strengths that allow them to compensate for this misalignment in instruction. 

Often people are looking for a way to fix current instructional approaches, but if the approaches are out of alignment, then trying to fix them is exhausting! Teachers get caught in a never-ending loop of accommodations and modifications, trying to make it work when… in reality… it just doesn’t. It’s like a constant game of Whack-a-Mole.

Instead, let’s dive deeper, wipe the slate clean, and choose methods that resonate with the brain and the soul. All of a sudden math instruction feels completely different – it makes sense, we feel successful, and the process of learning math is enjoyable… maybe even fun!

Professional Bio

Rebecca Lord, M.Ed. is a K-8 Math/Special Education Consultant and Coach. She has over 10 years of experience in specialized math instruction, primarily teaching substantially-separate small-group math classes to students with dyscalculia, dyslexia, language-based and math learning disabilities. Becky has served as a middle school math general and special education teacher, an elementary math coach, and math interventionist. She is passionate about sharing the instructional strategies she has learned with other teachers in order to improve math instruction for all, particularly those with dyscalculia or math learning disabilities. Becky lives in the Boston, MA area and has provided professional development for hundreds of teachers on dyscalculia/MLD, the science of math, and effective math instruction for all. In 2020-21 she created the online course Decoding Math to make this training accessible to all.

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