“We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to have Becky provide Professional Development to both Special Education teachers and classroom teachers within the district on two occasions.  Her expertise and easy way to relate to teachers and provide a way to problem solve is outstanding!  Teachers have asked repeatedly for her to provide more training to them and have stated her training is the best they have ever had. She is so willing to design PD that meets our needs rather than a one size fits all. We look forward to her providing more PD in the near future.”

Sandra Donah, Ed.D.
Director of Student Support
Holyoke Public Schools, MA

“I’m finishing up this (Decoding Math) class and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I have been teaching for over 15 years and this is by far the most comprehensive, informative, and helpful course I have taken. There is so little information and support out there for teaching math to kids with disabilities and this class was so valuable. The videos were especially helpful.”

Lara Holman
Middle School Intervention Specialist
Upper Arlington Schools, Ohio

“Becky Lord has been a tremendous support and resource to the teachers in our district.  Her presentations and knowledge about dyscalculia, the brain, and best practices in teaching mathematics are delivered in an engaging and hands on way.  Teachers walk away not only wanting more but also able to implement newly learned  strategies immediately.” 

Janet Donovan and Kristen Parsons 
Math Coaches
Gloucester Public Schools, MA

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on dyscalculia last night.  Your insight was so enlightening.  I used the dot cards and Cuisenaire rods with my students today. For the first time in 5 years of supporting these struggling math students, I felt like I had useful tools and strategies to use.  Thank you so much!”

Julie Siegal
Special Education Teacher
Lowell Public Schools, MA

“I have to admit the thought of three hours of math learning did not thrill me. But I had to write and tell you that was very interesting! I really love these new and concrete ways of teaching math concepts. That was fascinating!! I would love to use them to help the students I work with.  I enjoyed your presentation immensely and feel like this was a presentation that will actually help paras. Thank you, well done!”

Marion Cronin
Waltham Public Schools, MA

“I learned that I have so much more to learn about teaching math effectively. I especially liked learning about the different ways to assess students’ learning and about how to recognize signs of dyscalculia.”

“I learned a lot about how the brain works and how to teach students who are struggling more effectively. By incorporating strong visual supports such as Cuisenaire Rods and Woodin Dot patterns into activities, students can start to deepen their understanding of number and build a solid foundation of number sense.”

“I learned some great teaching tools to help students who struggle with math. Cuisenaire rods and dot cards are my new friends! Both are so valuable for teaching number sense.”

“This box isn’t big enough to hold a detailed account of all I learned! I’m so excited at how much I learned by taking Decoding Math! It really opened my eyes to new and more efficient ways of working with kids who have math learning disabilities and I’m really having fun planning out the upcoming school year.”

“I am definitely looking differently at my instruction of low functioning students. My goals will be more specific moving forward and I will include progress monitoring to track student growth and inform my instruction. I will continue to teach my students with a multi-sensory approach and will use the Cuisenaire Rods to build students’ understanding and confidence in math. I am more aware of how working memory and executive function impact how students can access and manipulate numbers/math.”