Services for Families

Becky is able to provide consultation, assessment, and recommendations for families of students with learning disabilities. Becky specializes in teaching students with Dyscalculia and/or Math Learning Disabilities (MLD) and can review testing, administer additional math testing, consult on developing an IEP with appropriate services and methodology, and attend IEP meetings to make recommendations and guide IEP development.

Case Review

Becky can review a student’s educational history and prior testing in order to make recommendations and guide families in seeking out appropriate educational services.

Math Assessment

Becky can administer math assessments to better identify and understand a student’s specific needs, then provide recommendations for families and schools.

IEP Development

Becky can provide recommendations on the math-related components of IEPs, including methodology, modifications and accomodations, goals, and services, and attend IEP meetings to advocate for meeting those needs in the school setting.

Reach Out: Interested in learning more or setting up a time to discuss options? Contact Becky at [email protected]